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"Michaelangelo is the fun-loving turtle. He lives to enjoy life. He tends to hang out with Raphael rather than Leonardo or Donatello because they're too serious for him. He has a gentle, though mischievous nature and is not above playing practical jokes. He reads comic books and science fiction and likes to sneak into movie theaters when they are playing double bills of "ET" and "Robin Hood." Michaelangelo would also be the Ninja turtle most likely to play in a role-playing game. In short, he enjoys practicing his Ninja Skills, but also enjoys just fooling around.

Michaelangelo also likes to cook and it is he who prepares most of the turtles' meals. In many ways he is the hedonist and a sensualist, appreciative of pleasures of the flesh.

Michaelangelo likes rough and tumble stuff and gets into a good fight almost as much as Raphael. He enjoys sparring, and he and Raphael do a lot of this. He doesn't work as hard at the art of Ninjitsu as any of the others (except perhaps Donatello), but his naturally high Physical Prowess more than makes up for his lack of discipline.

Michaelangelo is adept at all Ninjitsu skills, but favors a pair of nunchaku."

Wujcik, Erick Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness. Palladium Books. 1985. 2nd Printing

Michaelangelo is believed to be the youngest of the Ninja Turtles, though no one really knows for sure which one of them hatched first, or if they were even all from the same clutch. Despite everything his family has gone through over the years, Mike has somehow retained his hopeful upbeat attitude towards the world around him. Not something you see in a highly trained ninja, whose first blood was around the tender age of 12.

Mike is a 4' 11" tall, 150 pound anthropomorphic mutant turtle. But he's a 4' 11" tall 150 pound anthropomorphic mutant turtle from Volume One of Mirage Studio's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comicbook. So this means no orange mask. Sorry folks, but there's no skool like the old skool.

Michaelangelo belong to Nickelodeon Studios, and are being used here to participate in entertainment purposes only. No profits are being made, just good ol' fashioned brain-decaying fun.
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